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curly hair, ETHNIC HAIR
Justice Rivera Haircare Salon for curly hair

At Justice Rivera Haircare, we go above and beyond to prioritize healthy hair and provide our clients with the ultimate salon experience. We take pride in offering haircare for all curl types inlcuding customized curly cuts, low maintenance color options, detox treatments, and product recommendations, all while creating an easy-to-follow maintenance routine for our clients. Our goal is to restore healthy natural curls, eliminate frizz, and empower you to embrace your natural curly hair with confidence in your every day life.

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"Nothing short of genius! Best my hair has ever felt. All curly girls should book an appointment. You'll be glad you did - you will love your hair and your hair will love you back!"

~ Vicki V.

"Justice is the answer to curly girls prayers! She truly understands how to cut and style my super tight natural curls and made me feel fabulous during the process. Finally a true deva master level professional in my area of Sarasota County!"

~ Benita S.

"What an experience!! Justice is a true artist. She took the time to explain each step along the way from the cut to wash and styling and even provided a mirror for me to watch her technique so that i can replicate at home. The haircut just exceeded my expectations. I went from mid length hair to a heavily layeres lob with bangs!! Its not often I walk out of a salon genuinely in love with my cut and styling but Justice's salon was the exception. Thank you, Justice, for everything. I will be back :)"

~ Caitlin M.

"Another great Devacut - attention to detail is outstanding and appreciated!"

~Ann-Marie H.

DEVACUT (CURLY CUT), curly fringe, curly hair
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