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Welcome Love! We really look forward to partnering with you on your haircare journey! 


With each and every service we provide, we begin with an in depth consultation before hand to review your goals, expectations, and desires where your haircare concerns will be heard and taken into consideration. We will plan out not just your first visit, but a longterm plan to ensure all of your goals are met while maintaining the integrity of your hair!

For optimal results, please shampoo and detangle prior to your first service.  If you are preparing for a curly hair service, please avoid arriving with wet hair, tight ponytails, buns, or in any other manner that would make it difficult to see you natural curl pattern since we will use a dry cutting technique to shape your curls. Shampoo, treatments, and styling will be performed after your curly cut in most instances. You may leave a minimal amount of styling product, please avoid leaving in heavy butters and oils for best results. 

We recommend completing our pre visit questionnaire linked below so that we may recommend the appropriate services and service provider for your first visit, or click "Ready to Book" to schedule your Ultimate Curl Retreat recommended for your 1st visit with us!

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