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Updated: Jul 26, 2023


  1. Its all in the cut! I'll be honest, the cut is the true foundation to embracing your curls. The freedom you seek lies in having a great shape and haircut for your curls. The reality is that everyday won't be a great curl day. Some days you'll have more frizz than others, some days you'll have less curl definition than others, some days your curls will lack volume and curl definition and some days your curls will be everything you dreamed they will be. Having the ride cut will bride the gap between all of these factors and really is key to creating that low maintenance vibe. Most days with the right cut, a simple fluff, and refresh is all that you will need to bring life back to your curls. Without is, you'll be subject to washing and styling daily just to feel put together or full into the routine of just throwing up by mid day. Start by searching the DevaCurl stylist finder for a DEVACUT expert near you at This is a life changing haircut for curly hair when performed by the right curl stylist.

  2. The right products are essential! I know, you have all of the products you think you need already and that your bathroom shower and cabinets are probably just about full with just about every curly hair product out there. But let's face it, none of it does the trick despite binge watching youtube university and recommendations from curly hair influencers who claim to have the answers. But why isn't it working for you and your curls? It may be time to work with a professional to fine tune your process, assess your hair, and make recommendations based on your curls own specific needs and how you like your hair to look and feel day to day. Visit our shop at to choose from some our favorites. Book a free product consultation at for personalized recommendations.

  3. A maintenance routine customized to the specific needs of your natural curls, your desired results, and lifestyle is essential because the how is just as important as the why. Once the foundation is set with your haircut, once you know what products work and why you are choosing them, and most importantly how to use, now you are on your way to effortlessly transitioning to back to your natural curls and embracing them with confidence! I highly recommend working with a professional, experienced, curl specialist in your area to help you set this essential foundation. Embracing your curls shouldn't be a chore or a pain, but should provide freedom and confidence in your everyday life.

I created my Ultimate Curl Retreat do address these specific needs of most curly girls (and guys) and have helped hundreds of consumers confidently embrace their curls with confidence by empowering them with a beautiful cut, quality products that tame frizz, increase curl definition and overall hair health, as well a providing key tips and tricks so that you get most out of wash day and their products at home. Most have reported back that their curls have never looked or felt as good!

Visit us at to learn more!


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